Thursday, July 18, 2013

Should the Yankees be buyers or sellers

The New York Yankees have been in the media a lot this season. Whether for Biogenesis or injuries they always are involved in something. But that brings up a bigger question. What do they do this trading deadline? The Yankees are 51-44 so far this year and are definitely still in the playoff race but are 4th in a very tough AL East. Some think they should be sellers and prepare for the future. But other think they should focus on the future when they are struggling.

 The Yankees don't have one part of the team that is truly dominant. All the regular starters except Cano are out with injuries. The Yankees best pitcher has easily been Hiroki Kuroda who is having a very nice late career resurgence. The Bullpen has actually done pretty well this year.

I honestly think the Yankees will be buying this year as they are still in the playoff hunt and they are above .500. I do expect them to trade Joba Chamberlain who has been their worst bullpen pitcher so far

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