Saturday, July 27, 2013

What could the Phillies get for Michael Young

Michael Young is currently 36 years old and was acquired in a trade in the off season that sent Josh Lindblom and Lisalverto Bonilla to the Rangers in exchange for Young. With the Phillies only at .500 they seem to be rebuilding to get younger.

The most likely player to be traded is Michael Young as he is still a fairly productive player and can really help a contending team while getting the Phillies some decent prospects. Young is currently hitting .278/.344/.404 this year with 7 homers and 32 RBIs. He has been playing slightly below his career numbers of .300/.347/.442 which is hard to do at the age of 36.

The biggest question is who the Phillies can get for him. I doubt they will get much because of the age and the fact he will be a rental. My prediction is that the Rangers, Dodgers, and Reds will be in on Young as they are teams that are willing to sacrifice prospects in the quest for a ring.

Young is known for being a contact hitter and is a 15-20 home run threat. He is not a great fielder with a -1.6 defensive war but a 1.2 offensive war but his total WAR for this year is -0.5. If he is acquired by an AL team he could DH and since Lance Berkman going to the DL and considering retirement. The Rangers could be a likely destination for Young.

Update: 10:23 PM:
Rangers have stated "no interest" in bringing Young back. (Link).

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