Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Interview with Rob Zastryzny

Today I interviewed Rob Zastryzny the Chicago Cubs Second round draft pick from this year. He has currently appeared in 3 games for the Boise Hawks.

How did you find out the Cubs drafted you?

I was watching the draft on TV and I got a text from my advisor that said "cubs at 41" but I wasn't sure and about 30 seconds later I got to hear Kerry wood call my name.

What was going through your head when you were on the mound for the first time?

The same thing that does every time. Get a zero on the scoreboard and get my team in to hit. Give us the best chance to win

Who have been your biggest supporters so far?
My parents by far. My mizzou teammates and coaches have been great too. Chicago fans have been great so far too. Lots of support

When did you realize that you could make the big leagues?

After my sophomore season I started getting interest. But I knew in high school, that if I put in the work, it could be done. I still have a long way to go

Who was the first member of the Cubs to contact you?

Ty Nicholls was the area scout for Missouri and he met with me in the fall and called me on draft day

If you could play for one organization other than the Cubs who would you play for?

There's no other organization that I'd play for because they weren't the ones who wanted me to play for them. They had their chance. The cubs took a shot at me so I'm going to spend all my time helping them win a world series

What type of pitcher do you see yourself?

I have the ability to use power but I see myself as someone who mixes speeds and throws quality strikes

Thanks a ton to Rob for doing this interview and I wish him good luck in the future

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