Monday, July 1, 2013

Would Ricky Nolasco be good in the AL?

Ricky Nolasco is one of the more interesting trade chips available this trading season. It is possible he is traded to an AL team such as the Rangers or O's. But the main question is would he be successful in the AL. Lets first look at the basics AL hitters are batting .277/.311/.465. What immediately jumps out to me is the slugging percentage and batting average. The OBP against actually isn't too bad.but it still isn't impressive. Hitters are have a 107 OPS+ against him which is above average. But lets dive into more specifics. The AL East is batting .294/.340/.515 which is very bad but the numbers have been helped because of Tampa Bay being a big Marlins rival. The AL west has been hitting .112/.162/.196 in 107 at bats which is very impressive even though it is a small sample size.

I think the Rangers will consider these numbers and make a big push for him and will end up snatching him

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