Monday, July 8, 2013

Cubs most underrated pitcher/position player this year.

In my opinion John Andreoli has been having a really nice season so far and is probably the most underrated position player this year in the Cubs system. He is batting .321/.392/.409 combined between A and AA and he is been getting a bunch of hits but not a lot of power as he does not have any home runs. He was a 17th round draft pick in 2011 and has probably been one of the bigger steals of the draft at the age of 23. He has a .979 fielding percentage in the outfield which is good especially in the minor leagues. He has decreased both his bb% which is bad and has decreased his K% which is good. He has a .367 BABIP which means he might decline later in the year. He in fact leads the organization in hits with 95. I expect him to maybe have a September call up this year and might be a call up next year depending wheat the team does trade/free agency wise.

 The Cubs most underrated pitcher has been Eric Jokisch who was a 11th round pick in 2010. He is only 7-7 but has a 3.21 ERA and has a 2.8 BB/9 with a 2.81 K/BB which is fairly good. He is only 23 which is fairly young. He has hurled 98 innings and has given up 93 hits with 8 home runs allowed. One noticeable change is he has increased his K% to over 20% which is solid and has slightly lowered his BB% by .2. He has given up slightly more hits but has been striking out more batters. One thing to watch is that his FIP is .30 points higher than his ERA.

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