Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Craig Kimbrel vs Aroldis Chapman

Craig Kimbrel and Aroldis Chapman are the 2 most electrifying closers in the game. Both throw heat and both close a lot of wins for their teams. The biggest question is: who is better? Kimbrel and Chapman are both 25 and in their 4th big league season. The biggest difference is in their advanced stats. Based on FIP Kimbrel is a much better player but that is not the only way to look at them. All stats listed are career.
Kimbrel                                                        Chapman
K/9                                    14.29                                                             14.56
BB/9                                   3.46                                                               4.44
xFIP                                   1.70                                                               2.40
S                                         125                                                                 67
IP                                       182.1                                                             205.2
BAA                                   .153                                                               .151         
BABIP                               .286                                                                .264

They are both very even pitchers but I am going to have to go with Kimbrel personally. He is more proven as a closer and has better control. Advanced stats are not as good as Chapman such as BABIP but  Kimbrel has shown he can be the most dominant closer in the game with a lifetime 1.40 ERA. Chapman has a lifetime 2.47 ERA.

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