Sunday, August 25, 2013

Game of the Week: Cincinatti Reds vs St Louis Cardinals

I have decided to start a series on the blog and it is a Game of the Week where I pick a game that is the most interesting/biggest impact. The game I have chosen for this week is the St Louis Cardinals against the Cincinnati Reds on August 28th

Pitching Matchup

 Homer Bailey                                                                                             Adam Wainwright

         8-10 W-L                                                                              15-7 W-L                 
       3.71 ERA                                                                                    2.58 ERA
      166 Strikeouts                                                                           182 Strikeouts
.244 Opponent Batting Average                                         .244 Opponent Batting Average

The Story

The NL Central is one of the most competitive races in baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates, St Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds are all competing for that spot and the 2 teams that don't will be competing for the Wild Card Spot. Pittsburgh and St Louis are tied for the divisional lead but Cincy is only 3 games back.

Why this game matters
This game will not clinch the division or anything like that but this series, not only this game matter because it is a big game late in the season with 2 opponents who are in the playoff mix.

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