Saturday, August 17, 2013

Worst Player by Position this Season

So I was curious on who has been the worst position player this season. I decided to check fangraphs and take a look. Requirements are 100 Plate Appearances

C Kelly Shoppach
Kelly Shoppach is hitting .196/.293/.346 on the season, but he has struck out 36% of the time. He has hit 3 home runs on the year. He has also been pretty bad on defense this year with a dWar of -0.2 and a RFG slightly below average.

1B Brett Wallace
 Brett Wallace has been pretty bad this year. He has hit .210/.268/.420. He has struck out 36.8% of the time but has shown he can hit for power as he has tied his career high in homers with 9. He has also been an alright fielder with a RF/9 average but a RF/G below average

2B Danny Espinosa
 Danny Espinosa was once considered a rising star at second base but has completely fallen off the charts due to an awful 2013. He has only played in 44 games this season but has struggled to a .158/.193/.272 line for the Nationals this season with only 3 home runs. He has only walked 3% of the time and has struck out 28.1% of the time. He has been a good defender this year.

 SS Brendan Ryan
He is more known for his defense but has still done pretty bad this year with a line of .189/.253/.259 and has struck out 20.5 % of the time. He has been bad the past 2 seasons but this season has been much work because he is not drawing walks anymore. He has never been a great walk guy but has been serviceable to be considered a nice bench piece. His defense has also been taking a turn south as he is below average in range factor.

3B Brandon Inge
 Brandon Inge has only batted /.181/.204/.238 this season for the Pirates and has recently been released. He has only hit 1 home run and only 7 RBIS have been driven in and has struck out 29.1% of the time. He has struggled to produce for the Pirates who signed him to hopefully have a bounceback season. He has been good at 3B with a 1.00 FP% in 10 games there. (He is listed as a 3B so I went with that).

 OF Tyler Moore
 He has struggled to a .151/.195./.283 line this season with the Nationals. He has struck out 34.5% of the time and had walked 5.3%. He is only 26 and has room to improve but time is running out on that chance. He has hit 3 homers and driven in 14 but is striking out a lot as well and is not drawing any walks. He is pretty good fielding wise with only 1 error in 194.1 innings in the outfield despite a range factor well below average.

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