Friday, October 4, 2013

The Alex Rodriguez Scandal

Alex Rodriguez, ever since his admittance to using steroids in 2009 has been in decline both on and off the field. He seemingly reached rock-bottom in the 2012 Playoffs when he was caught giving his phone number to girls near the dugout. But it got even worse when his involvement with Biogensis was revealed.

In August the MLB suspended him an unprecedented 211 games for his connection with the Biogenesis clinic. He has appealed the suspension and is currently undergoing an appeal process.

Today it was revealed he is suing the MLB because they are "ruining his reputation and destroying his career." That lawsuit will mean his appeal won't be the last legal dispute he has to settle with the MLB. (Link)

Rodriguez, 38 is a lifetime .299 hitter with 654 home runs and 1969 RBIs. He signed a massive 10 year 275 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees after the 2007 season and it has become a huge problem for the Yankees.

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