Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bryan Price: Reds Manager

Bryan Price, recently named the Reds pitching coach has been with the organization since 2009 as the pitching coach. He is part of the reason the Reds are 4th in the MLB in ERA and 1st in strikeouts. He was one of the top pitching coaches in baseball and he certainly will give the Reds an extra boost.

Price, 51 played minor league baseball for 5 seasons playing for the Angels and Mariners organizations. He became the pitching coach of the Seattle Mariners for their record-breaking 2001 season and stayed until after the 2006 season when he signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He stayed with the Diamondbacks as the pitching coach until he resigned when AJ Hinch replaced Bob Melvin as the manager in early 2009. After that he worked with the Phillies as a minor league consultant until the off season when he signed with the Reds as the pitching coach.

He obviously will be good with the Reds at pitching, but I am a little bit concerned about his ability to managing the very potent offense of the Reds. Obviously he will have help from Brook Jacoby, the Reds hitting coach. He has the entire offseason to learn about the team and the offenses strengths and weaknesses.

I think he will do well with a very good roster. He has already built a very good pitching staff and I am curious on what he will do with the Reds offense.

The Mariners were also reported to be interested in his services.

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