Friday, September 20, 2013

The Fall of the Houston Astros

The last season the Houston Astros finished about .500 was in 2008 when they went 86-75 and finished 3rd in the division. Ever since then it was been a struggle for them to win ball games. In that same 2008 season the average batters age was 31.1 years and the average pitchers age was 30.9 years. Going into that season their top prospect was catcher J.R. Towles who has been awful in the big league level with a lifetime .187 average. After that season their top prospect was another catcher named Jason Castro and he has since turned into an All-Star catcher.

 In 2009 the team took a huge step backwards as the players got older and they finished below .500. But the good thing to come out of that season was that they upgraded their farm system and had 3 Top 100 prospects by the end of the season: Jason Castro, Jiovanni Mier, and Jordan Lyles. Two of them have played in the big leagues right now in Castro and Lyles.

 In 2010 they finished 76-86 and the rebuilding had officially begun with the average player age for both pitchers and hitters went below 30 for the first time since 2000. Their top prospects were Jordan Lyles and Jonathon Villar and both have made an impact at the big league level.

 In 2011 with rebuilding in full bloom the Astros finished 56-106, the first time in franchise history they had a lost 100 games in a season. Their top prospects after the season were Jonathon Singleton, Jarred Cosart, and George Springer. The average batter age was 28 and the average pitcher age was 27.

 In their last season in the National League the Astros finished 55-107 which was one game worse than their 2011 record. Their top prospects were Carlos Correa ss Jonathan Singleton, George Springer, Lance McCullers, and Delino DeShield. The average batter age was 26.6 and the average pitcher age was 27.2.

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