Monday, September 9, 2013

Interview with Kevin Goldstein

Kevin Goldstein is the Pro Scouting Coordinator for the Houston Astros and a former writer for both Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America. He was kind enough to answer some questions I had for him about the Astros farm system.

1. Did the prior experience at Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America help you when you started out with the Astros?
It helped me get noticed and make connections and get noticed. It helped me talk to other General Managers and scouting directors and get noticed in the baseball community

2. What do you think about the Astros system?
We have one of the best systems in baseball as we have good pitchers and hitters. We have a lot of depth and we could be a good team in the next couple of seasons

3 Where do you see Carlos Correa starting the 2014 season in?
too early to say because you have to wait until spring training when all the players come in for spring training and you get a chance to evaluate them and start forming rosters.

4 who is the biggest under the radar prospect in the Astros system in your opinion
there are many prospects who have impressed us and many players considered to be under the radar prospects making an impact and having breakout seasons it makes our farm system one of the best in baseball and we are definitely going to make an impact withing the next couple seasons

5 With the Major League team struggling pitching wise this year could Mark Appel get a cup of coffee next season?
He is very talented like Carlos Correa and he has pitched well but it all depends how he performs next season.

6 With Jason Castro already been proven to be a All-Star catcher where does Max Stassi fit it the organization?
It is a nice problem to have and with Stassi having a breakout season in AA it makes it a closer competition between the two.

Did Jonathon Singletons drug suspension effect how you viewed him?

No because it was a huge mistake and he still has a ton of potential and he said it was a dumb mistake to make and next year we will see how he does and if it has effected him.

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