Thursday, September 19, 2013

How big of a weapon is speed?

Billy Hamilton of the Reds has always been known for his speed as he stole 155 stolen bases last season and 75 this season while being caught 52 times between those two seasons. In the big leagues he has stolen 9 bases in 9 Plate Appearances including 4 in his first big league start and has scored 6 runs. But that raises a question. How big of a weapon is speed?

Billy has a 0.5 WAR in 9 big league plate appearances and has a 3 Rbaser which is incredible but he doesn't have too much power as he has hit only 13 homers and 2,258 minor league plate appearances . He also is 3-6 and has drawn 2 walks as well for the Reds who are in a big playoff push.

Rickey Henderson, the all time stolen base king scored 2,295 runs and stole 1406 bases while being caught 305 times. He was a good hitter as well as he had 3,055 career hits and launched 297 home runs in his career. His Rbaser is 144 for his 25 year career.

But does that answer the question? For Rickey Henderson he was a 2 time world series champion and 10 time all star, but for Billy Hamilton his career has been too short for him to win any awards at the big league level. I would say it can be a big weapon if you have good hitters as well.

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