Saturday, June 22, 2013

Potential teams for Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano is known for signing one of the worst contracts in the history of baseball. However the contracts hasn't been as bad as Soriano has hit .263 which isn't what you want but he has 171 home runs and 505 RBIS the low RBI total is because he used to be a lead off hitter and didn't really get opportunities with runners on base. This year Soriano only has 7 homers but some teams could still be interested in him for the pop he brings.

Detroit Tigers
Reason: Soriano is a left fielder and Austin Dirks and Matt Tuiasosopo isn't a good left field platoon for any team trying to make the playoffs. Soriano would be a good fit for the Tigers because he was a pretty good hitter in the AL with a .280/.320/.500 line with 162 homers and 465 RBIS.
New York Yankees
Reason: The Yankees have a scuffling Vernon Well and a struggling hitter in Thomas Neal in left field. Soriano in fact used to play for the Yankees and was pretty good for them hitting .284/.322/.502 with 98 homers and 270 RBIS. Soriano could help the Yankees down the stretch because he is a career .286 hitter life time against the first place Red Sox.

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