Saturday, June 22, 2013

Could Ryan Braun be traded if he is suspended

Last year Ryan Braun avoided his suspension due to a miniscule error in the testing. However with reports that he is linked to Biogenesis it makes the MLB look like a fool for letting this go by easily. But there is another possibility that the Brewers trade Braun to avoid the headache. While this is very unlikely people should keep this in mind. This year the 29-year old is hitting .305/.380/..509 9 homers and 36 RBIS while those are impressive numbers there will always be an asterisk on Brauns stats if he is suspended. The Brewers are also a rebuilding team and Braun is a player in his prime. As of right now he is on the 15 day disabled list because of a thumb injury and could be out a month.

 The Brewers farm system is currently ranked 30th according to Bleacher Report (Link: Post Draft farm team rankings). The farm system is weak because the Brewers have been in win now mode the past couple and their top prospects have ether made the majors or been traded for top players.

However there is also the contract issue. Braun has a big contract being paid up to 20 million through 2021. The Brewers are a small market team and that will prevent them from providing a substantial amount of cash.

Likely choice: Will not be traded because of the large contract.

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